Theatrical performance of the hit film The Wedding Singer in Andover

After a two-year wait, the Andover Musical Theater Company is back in the rehearsal room for its latest production, The Wedding Singer.

Performing at the Lights Theater in Andover from May 25-28, this show promises to be a wild ride.

As soon as Evita closed in November 2019, auditions and then rehearsals for the Andover Musical Theater Company resumed. However, when Covid hit in March 2020, all rehearsals came to a halt and their rendition of the original Broadway musical The Wedding Singer was put on hold. But now, after two years in the making, the cast are back and ready to put on the show of a lifetime.

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The Musical, which is an adaptation of the 2000 film, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, follows the trials and tribulations of Robbie Hart (Glyn Juliff) on his quest for true love, heartbreak and rock n’ roll.

Robbie is left at the altar by his fiancée Linda (Ellie Bridgman) and is heartbroken. The show follows his meeting with “girl next door” Julia Sullivan (Laura Budd) who is engaged to yuppie stockbroker Glen Gulgia (Jon Baron). Along with her cousin Holly (Anna Neary), Julia is on a journey of discovery, challenging everything she thought she knew about love.

Experienced choreographer and director Claire Nias is beyond thrilled with the production.S

She said: “With a fabulous cast and crew, this show is an absolute pleasure to direct and will be fantastic entertainment for the evening. I can’t wait for this unique combination of excitement and nervousness during show week – it’s always an incredible buzz.

Music Director Alun Grace is no stranger to conducting and is completely immersed in the beautiful score of this show,

Alun added, “Rehearsals were hard work, but the show and its music gave everyone a lot of fun. I believe that feeling of joy will be felt by the audience in the theater and they will be transported back to the 80s with their toes tapping and a smile on their faces.

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Andover Musical Theater Company’s production of The Wedding Singer takes place at the Lights Theatre, Andover.

Tickets are available from or at the ticket office on 01264 368368.

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