The Drop Review – The Escape Theater Show Increases The Fear Factor | Immersive theater

IIs it okay to want to escape a play? The Drop is a curious mix of immersive theater and escapist experience and much of the show takes place in an elevator with an audience of three or four people. Thrill seekers might love it, but for me, there’s something not so fun about being immersed in fear.

The show was created by Clem Garritty and Ollie Jones’ Swamp Motel theater company – the same team that produced Isklander, a fantastic online thriller trilogy that emerged from lockdown. With Isklander, the feeling of danger was a joy: easy to bear because, however real it may have seemed, it could never quite get to you. The Drop is more complicated.

The scares are delivered with impressive skill and conviction, aided by stunning sound design by Emmet O’Donnell. I spend a lot of time shaking hands with other audience members and at one point even holding a prop for protection. You will definitely learn a lot about how you deal with fear. whether it’s something you really want to explore is, I guess, a matter of individual taste.

History comes to us in spurts, as we try to figure out exactly what we’re supposed to do and whose side we’re on. But the plot is really just a side show of the puzzles in each locked room and the shocks that come with those storylines. They are great puzzles and create just enough challenge to create a burst of triumph with every little success.

Garritty’s set design deepens as the show progresses and includes a bombed-out back room and oddly soothing perfumery. They are intriguing spaces that invite exploration but, sadly, we have little time to linger. All of this makes for a gripping, engrossing adventure – one that builds real momentum to escape but never completely locks you into fantasy.