Tedeschi Trucks Band Celebrates 50th Beacon Theater Show with Help from Hot Tuna [Photos/Videos/Audio]

Tedeschi truck band returned to New York, NY beacon theater Monday night for the 50th time. Spicy tuna joined the festivities as a surprise opening act and later returned to the stage to witness a Janis Joplin debut and a fan favorite Bob Dylan cover. Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschiand company, they finished their big presentation of I am the moon with a full performance of I. Ascending in a career-spanning setlist.

Those who were able to escape the rain and get back to their seats in time were treated to a surprise opening acoustic set from Hot Tuna. The mythical duo of Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady worked through a varied selection of numbers beginning with two songs from their self-titled 1970 debut live album, Jelly Roll Morton“Don’t You Leave Me Here (Dime For Beer)” by and the traditional “Hesitation Blues”, which gradually turned into Reverend Gary Davis‘s “Let’s meet here”.

The duo took a break after Richard M. Jones‘Trouble in Mind’ before embarking on ’72’s ‘Sea Child’ Burgers. Hot Tuna continued with the traditional “Good Shepherd” in the arrangement of Jefferson Planethe 1969 album, Volunteers. To end their hour-long set, Jorma and Jack cooked up a pair of originals with “Day to Day Out the Window Blues” and a dark take of “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” before wrapping up with Jesse Fuller“The San Francisco Bay Area Blues”.

As the twelve members of the Tedeschi Trucks Band filled the stage, Susan Tedeschi thanked the audience and Hot Tuna before diving into a long headlining set with “Don’t Let Me Slide.” Wasting no more time, Derek Trucks and Susan quickly begin an exchange of passionate guitar solos. The song selection itself was important: the track of Developer, band’s debut album, also opened the band’s first concert at the Beacon over a decade ago on September 10, 2011.

The second song in the setlist, “All That I Need”, is from the band’s second album, 2013. compound mind, beginning a pattern that would continue over the first four songs. With a transitional trombone section, Elizabeth Lea leads the band in another searing guitar solo from Derek’s Cherry Gibson SG.

The third song, “Laugh About It”, was taken from Tedeschi Trucks Band’s third studio album, 2016 Let me passand the fourth selection took the theater to the outfit’s fourth LP, 2019 Panelswhile its track “Signs, High Times” featured the deep vocal list of mark the rivers, Mike Mattisonand Alecia Chakour on Susan’s guitar solo.

As of then, it was the band’s fifth studio album, all four parts of 2022 I am the moon. The group has worked on a different segment of the ambitious project in each of its Beacon shows this year, with I am the moon rooms III. The fall, IV. Goodbyeand II. Ascent appearing at Thursday, Fridayand Saturdays shows, respectively. Monday Full Reading I. Ascending both closed this cycle and continued the chronological evening tour of TTB’s discography.

Derek’s slide guitar and Susan’s powerful vocals were in the spotlight during “Hear My Dear” before gravelly-voiced Mike Mattison took center stage, acoustic guitar in hand, for a brassy rendition of “Fall In”. This led to the project’s namesake, the euphoric celebration that is “I Am The Moon”, before “Circles’ Round the Sun” gave Kebbi Williams and his saxophone time to shine. The voice of the artist Eddie Owens Martinaka St. EOM, slipped in like a faceless musical deity to present “Pasaquan,” the opus that takes its name from the unique arts site he founded in Georgia. The majority of the band cleared the stage as the disembodied voice spoke, leaving keyboardist Derek Gabe Dixonbass player brandon boonand the two drummers, Tyler Greenwell and isaac eadito deliver perhaps the most captivating song on the four-part album.

The composition of the song features up and down movements like ocean tides during a series of time lapse photos. Derek steered the ship with a lengthy intro before syncing Gabe Dixon for a monumental jam. The music paused to give the drummers time to improvise a percussive section before Boone and Trucks returned to send the song skyward once more.

After a standing ovation and loud cheers of appreciation, Susan welcomed Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady to the half-empty stage for TTB’s debut of Janis Joplin“Turtle Blues”. Gathering momentum, the shortlist of seven musicians (two drummers, DT, ST, GD, JK, JC) launched into an unforgettable performance of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.”

As the long set drew to a close, the full twelve-track complement returned for a raucous “Made Up Mind” with a hearty solo from Dixon’s Corner Clavinet and impassioned vocalizations from Mark Rivers. An uplifting interpretation of Derek and the dominoes“Keep On Growing” preceded a thunderous version of “The Storm,” the song’s lyrics describing how so many Floridians along the West Coast felt last week during Hurricane Ian’s reign of destruction.

To complete this unique two-hour set, Derek and Susan cut out a consolidated version of the Allman Brothers Group‘s “Whipping Post”. The performance was light on the words and heavy on the jams as Derek reminded the audience of his old band’s timeless riffs.

Returning to the stage one last time, the Tedeschi Trucks Band celebrated the historic night with a three-song encore that began with “Another Day” and “Soul Sweet Song.” I am the moon: IV. Goodbyethe first of I am the moon tunes to make a repeat appearance at The Beacon. To put icing on the 50th Beacon cake, the band honored the late Leon Russell with a moving presentation of “Space Captain”, the Matthew Moore-written song that has become a staple of Mad Dogs and the English shows and, in turn, many memorable Tedeschi Trucks concerts like this one.

Tedeschi Trucks Band rolls out the tracks for three more shows at the prestigious Beacon Theater on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (October 6-8). For a full list of upcoming shows, go to here.

Scroll down to check out the full setlists and full video and audio playlists from Tedeschi Trucks Band’s 50th concert at the Beacon Theater, plus a photo gallery from the show via Andrew Blackstein.

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Beacon Theater – 10/03/22 – Full Audio

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Setlist: Acoustic Hot Tuna | Beacon Theater | New York, NY | 10/03/22

Set: Don’t Leave Me Here (Dime For Beer), Hesitation Blues, Let Us Get Together Right Down Here, Trouble in Mind, Sea Child, Good Shepherd, Day to Day Out the Window Blues, Death Don’t Have No Mercy, San Francisco Bay Blues

Setlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | Beacon Theater | New York, NY | 10/03/22

Set: Don’t Let Me Slip, All I Need, Laugh About It, Signs, High Times, Hear My Dear%, Fall In%, I Am The Moon%, Circles’ Round The Sun%, Pasaquan% , Turtle Blues (Janis Joplin)*^, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Bob Dylan)*, Made Up Mind, Keep On Growing (Derek and the Dominos), The Storm / Whipping Post (Allman Brothers Band)

Encore: Another Day, Soul Sweet Song, Space Captain (Matthew Moore)

%Part of the full performance of I am the moon: I. Crescent
*with Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady
^ First time played by TTB