Rob Drummer on the Boundless Theater Club

How do you start, when do you start? That’s the question the Boundless team has been asking for the past two years as we develop the newly launched Boundless Drama Club for early career theater makers aged 15-25.

We hope our new approach to supporting creative ideas, providing funding, and building community around theater will help many more people get started.

The Boundless Drama Club is a community, first facilitated online through a new content platform, digital events and workshops, as well as discussions and masterclasses. Over time, we hope this community will grow and support us in achieving our goal of launching an in-person club network. We imagine a massive, highly connected generation of theater makers all starting, supporting each other, and changing the way theater is made and what it looks like.

Guest blog: Rob Drummer on the Boundless Theater Club
The Limitless Drama Club
Photo credit: Dayo Adeneye

We also believe in creating more inclusive and diverse networks, especially for those who face real barriers to accessing a creative career. Over the past two years, we’ve heard from so many young, early-career artists who don’t know where to network, how to access opportunities, or learn outside of formal education. So we created the Boundless Drama Club to solve this problem.

Over the next 12 months we are in a testing phase, trying out lots of different content and working across the UK to develop and then roll out skills workshops, new funding opportunities and social events.

Much of the Drama Club will be in-person experiences. We’ve already started by buying tickets to shows and giving them away to members for free in exchange for meeting with us to talk about their creative work.

In parallel, our Creative Associate Pav Christodolou hosts weekly Theater Jams that are simply the best practice for theater makers, much like a band jamming in a garage, but also maybe the start of new shows or collaborations. Then there are the cultural and social events organized by our community manager, Daljinder Johal. Over the next few months, we will be hosting book clubs, food events, and get-togethers across the country for our community.

At Boundless, we exist to set the stage for a generation ready to change the world. The pandemic has taught us a lot, but we’ve also seen a lot of people forced out of the industry. We wanted to create a safe space for collaboration and the exchange of ideas for people who are already on the fringes of the industry, and then keep that space year-round.

Too often, opportunities come and go, but as a Drama Club member, you’ll have access to the Boundless team through our Slack channels and can join regular events to meet other members.

We’re also excited to be able to work with Boundless artists in new ways. We have podcasts with Natasha Brown, who is our current Film4/Peggy Ramsay Foundation editor-in-residence. Later in the year we will have workshops on theater design, directing and composition.

Wherever possible, we will test hybrid ways of working and reach out to our partners across the country to meet people in real life. Digital spaces are great for helping us connect, but the heart of the club is to be creative, including in your room but also with others, by imagining new shows.

So as we get to know all of these new members starting out with us, hopefully we can help amplify and celebrate their creativity. It has already been a real joy to speak with everyone who has signed up. As the weeks go by, we start to see the impact we can have on the way a whole generation gets into theatre. Over the next few months, we expect many more newbies to start with us.

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