Richmond Gateway Theater show reimagines Lewis Carroll’s wonderland

Stepping into a theater every time can be like stepping into an unpredictable new world.

This April, Richmond’s Gateway Theater transforms its performance space into a world of escapism with an imaginative, contemporary show titled “In Wonderland.”

The three-actor show is based on the books by Lewis Caroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and on the other side of the mirror and will be presented at the theater from April 7 to 16.

Burnaby-based actress Sarah Roa, who auditioned for a side character role, landed lead character Alice, something she didn’t expect.

“I thought I could play as the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts, but it turned out it was just a third-person show, so I was given the role of Alice,” said Roa, adding that the character was “really relatable”. to her as a person in real life.

“The show is like a roller coaster of emotions where this young girl is thrown into a new world and she really tries to navigate the craziness of the world like any young person would.”

She explained that her co-stars Natascha Girgis and Graham Percy, both veteran Calgary actors, will play eight to nine characters to “fill out the rest of the world” on the show.

Roa told the Richmond News that auditioning for the role meant she had to travel to Calgary for rehearsals and that she resonated a lot with her character in the sense of being separated from her loved ones while exploring a new world through herself.

“I had never worked in a city without my family or my partner nearby, so traveling to Calgary felt like leaving my husband behind for a long time,” she said.

“(Alice) isn’t just a whiny young girl and she’s not a weak character. She’s brave. She’s me and I kissed her.

A big part, Roa said, of the show is to remind people to keep their loved ones close.

“Even though sometimes a relationship can be difficult, like a sibling in particular, know that your loved ones will always be there for you.”

“In Wonderland” is a variety show that is expected to feature everything from clown acts and musical numbers to slap-stick and poetry.

The Gateway Theater will perform the show at a reduced audience capacity to accommodate physically distant seats.

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