Powerful theatrical spectacle in Hull after writer’s assault in town

Theater maker Luca Rutherford returns to Hull this week with a powerful solo piece called ‘You Heard Me’ – just three years after escaping an assault here in the city.

Luca was working at the Hull Truck Theater – the same theater her new show will be performing in – when she went out for a run and was attacked by a man in the street.

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Luca used her voice to escape attack – a moment that inspired her to write You Heard Me, a play that celebrates the power of using your voice in times of extreme adversity.

The show will be presented at the Hull Truck Theater on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 March.

Speaking to Hull Live, Luca said: “The whole story is that I can talk about it because I ran away, and I ran away because two people listened.

“You Heard Me explores how we use our voice, how we make ourselves heard and how we listen to each other.

“Because the attack happened here, coming to Hull is really important. Instead of Hull still being a scary place for me, I can now integrate it with the really positive and brilliant things that happened after the attack.

“It’s very poignant.”

Luca Rutherford is the designer behind the one-woman show

Luca continued: “The tour has been brilliant so far. We were in Newcastle last week.

“The show is getting a lot of reactions from the audience in different ways. Someone emailed us to let us know what it meant to them to see the issue explored on stage.

“I’m really looking forward to bringing the show to Hull because the heart of this story comes from an experience I had in the city.

“Coming back to Hull is very powerful because I’m able to turn something horrible into something deeply emotional which can have a much more positive impact.

The show arrives in Hull on March 2 and 3
The show arrives in Hull on March 2 and 3

You Heard Me is complemented by a public photographic installation called ‘You Heard Us’ which creates a platform for local women to step up and be heard.

Luca Rutherford has invited 10 Yorkshire women to work with local photographer Nudrat Afza to take their portraits, which will be plastered in large scale on buildings around Bradford town center in March and April.

You Heard Me will be presented at the Hull Truck Theater on Wednesday March 2 and Thursday March 3.

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