Musical Theater Club elects new all-female board – The Daily Aztec

The San Diego State Musical Theater Club (MTC) has elected new members to its current Board of Directors for the 2021-22 academic year.

Anelaokalani Lee, a psychology student, is the newly elected secretary of the MTC board. She claims that doing musical theater in high school changed her life, as she felt she wouldn’t have much chance to do musical theater, until she joined MTC.

“A lot of people have told me that after I joined acting, they saw me come out of my shell and have more confidence in myself,” Lee said. “I really think that’s true and I hope to continue to grow as a performer through theatre.”

“This [theatre] also creates such a strong bond with others. It’s really beautiful to see,” Lee said.

Vivian Romero, a third-year theater arts student with a minor in sociology, has been doing theater since she was eight years old and is vice president and social chair for MTC.

“I love creating a story with other people and collaborating and creating a cohesive piece or story or idea that inspires a group of people,” Romero said. “Something specific to live theater is that that exact show or moment only happens once, with that exact audience, with that exact time and space.”

Another person who shares the desire to tell stories, aside from Lee and Romero, is newly elected MTC President Shelby Wuitshick. She holds a junior major in theater arts and a minor in business administration and interdisciplinary studies.

Wuitshick used to perform at summer camps and also worked behind the scenes in productions before coming to SDSU. According to Wuitshick, one of the most interesting parts of acting is analyzing characters from plays, musicals and/or even small cabarets.

“It’s a fun way to meet people and get to know each other. While it’s a vulnerable space, it’s also a space to really try new things and kind of create your new self,” Wuitshick said.

Part of the conversation MTC has involves a transition from how theater was done during COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, some club members have yet to see production on campus.

“I got to be part of a Zoom production,” Wuitshick said. “I’m excited to be back in person, but having this experience of doing everything online was interesting and kind of showed that art can be created anywhere.

SDSU students expect to transition to main campus during the fall semester and Wuitshick is excited to interact with current and new MTC members.

“I’m especially excited to work with the students of the MFA Musical Theatre. Potentially some things with Skull and Dagger.

Wuitschick mentioned that MTC’s goal for the upcoming academic year is to recruit all students with a passion for theater, even if they are not majoring in theater and preferably if they are undergraduates.

Notably, the MTC Board of Directors is comprised of all women for the ’21-’22 school year.

“The Board of Directors is an amazing team of women, we are all excited to work together and bring the musical theater peeps together at SDSU,” Romero said. “It’s really cool to be leading the pack. It hasn’t happened yet, so that’s exciting.

“It’s definitely a male-dominated industry, like it is in the arts, so I was so excited to find out that this is a group of women who I know are amazing , so talented and so driven,” said Wuitshick.

The current Board of Directors has already met to discuss upcoming events.

“In all the meetings we’ve had so far everyone has come up with ideas and with enthusiasm and I think there’s a sense of camaraderie in understanding that it’s a lot to do, but we we’re excited to do it,” Wuitshick mentioned.

Wuitshick believes that participating in theater is a positive opportunity for all students.

“I feel like that [theatre] really changes your perspective understanding that everyone is an individual person,” Wuitshick said. “It really opens your eyes and makes you think more about not just yourself, but how you fit into the whole collective.”

MTC does not have an official page or specific meeting time, but information about the club can be found on their official Instagram page @sdsu_mtc.