Micro-Musical Theater Show Challenges Societal Norms and Empowers Women with Joe’s Pub Alum Kailey Marshall

For young women who may wonder if they are normal; to older women who haven’t had the chance to question and explore; to men who still have no idea what’s going on.

The new Micro-Musical Theater Show production of micro-musical SONGS FOR SLUTTY GIRLS is now available for the subscribers.

SONGS FOR SLUTTY GIRLS with book, music and lyrics by Kailey Marshallcreates a tour de force through a collection of experiences that examines the ecstasy, pain, and hilarity of sex through a year in a woman’s life, which is played out by four aspects of her personality: Kerri GeorgeBethany Gwen Perkins, Kailey Marshall& Jada Temple. This quirky pop-rock score features performances from Michele Temple (guitar), Ashley Baier (drums), Andraleia Buch (bass), and Cynthia Meng (keyboards, musical direction).

Kailey Marshall (book, lyrics, composer) wrote SFSG as a conduit for the sexual awakening she was going through: frustrated with the lack of songs in the canon of musical theater that addressed female sexuality in a way that relates to women modern. She invites you to raise a glass, dance in the aisles and send your ex what you really think of them.

SONGS FOR SLUTTY GIRLS premiered in November 2018 as the second release of the Micro-Musical Theater Show’s Fall 2018 season, and is available for subscribers to download via Patreon. It lasts 65 minutes. An interview with the creators is conducted by WNYC and WQXR’s Julien Fleisher from the NAKED AMERICAN SONGBOOK. The interview and additional behind-the-scenes “making of” from SONGS FOR SLUTTY GIRLS will be available to subscribers. To see the TMMTS site to find out more about upcoming premieres.

The Micro-Musical Theater Show was created by Emmy Award-winning executive producer Alton Christensen. The co-producers are broadcaster and former resident composer of acclaimed NY’s Signature Theater Company, Loren Toolajian. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, award-winning and Emmy-nominated sound designer, Ralph Kelsey. Both are co-owners of Sandblasting productions. The production was recorded at Bunker workshop in Brooklyn. TMMTS is a series of new and original Broadway-style musical productions. It is delivered to subscribers via an audio podcast. Musical fans have the chance to tap into emerging talent from the worlds of Broadway, Off-Broadway and cabaret in New York City. Subscribers support storytellers, theater musicians and actors by giving them the opportunity to have their work heard by thousands of people through this monthly showcase. Theater and fashion illustrator Stefano Imbert designed the TMMTS logo and supported artwork, including an original theater poster for each episode.