MCS Knight, Jedric Villar Directs Theater Club Production of ‘Zero2Hero’ | Way of life

(MCS) – As part of its ongoing 25th anniversary celebration, the Mount Carmel School Drama Club presents its next production, ‘Zero2Hero,’ which will reopen in Hollywood theaters on May 21. A sequel to “Zero to Hero,” released 10 years ago, “Zero2Hero” continues a club tradition of having direct student broadcasts, with this film directed by MCS Junior, Jedric Villar.

The poster for “Zero2Hero,” the upcoming Mount Carmel School Theater Club film, which will reopen in Hollywood theaters when the film premieres May 21. The poster features artwork drawn by 2011 AlumKnight, Mai Nakajima, who also created the animation for the first film, “Zero to Hero.”

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Jedric is no stranger to performing, having been a crew member on several Theater Club productions and being an active member of the school’s music program. Directing “Zero2Hero”, however, was his biggest role, which he says “has been amazing!” As Jedric said, “Directing the sequel was not only fun, but it was also inspiring to see the cast and crew so excited.”

When asked what he hopes audiences take away from the film, Jedric said, “My number one goal is to entertain and inspire.” Recalling his inspiration for the film, he recalled, “When I was about 6 years old, I saw the first Zero to Hero and I thought, I want to do something like this one day. ” He also thinks the movie’s message is important to everyone. “This movie shows us that we can all be heroes, whether it’s standing up for someone or even just talking to someone who needs someone to talk to.”

As an active member of the school’s drama club, Jedric noted, “The performing arts not only entertain us, but inspire us by conveying positive messages to audiences and performers. Underlining his point, he added: “Theatre, film and performing arts have the power to change the world”.

“Zero2Hero” stars Jill Mallari and Aleia Santos as Re’ha and Roze, two school rivals who are mentored by their older cousins, Richard and Zero, played by the two stars of the first film, Kevin Bautista and Victor Cabrera. The film is directed by Jedric Villar and was written by school president and director of the first film, Galvin Deleon Guerrero, with Theater Club AlumKnight Justin Ocampo.

“Zero2Hero” will have two screenings at the Hollywood Theater next week on Friday, May 21, one at 6 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Herman’s Modern Bakery, Java Joe’s, Kagman Mobil, Naked Fish, Shell Puerto Rico, Shirley’s Susupe, Tribe Marianas, and the MCS Trade Office. To comply with Covid-19 mitigation guidelines, tickets are limited and only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Launched in 1996, the MCS Theater Club celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, commemorating more than 50 theater and film productions, including several Disney musicals, numerous Shakespearean plays and a number of original productions. The club kicked off this year’s celebration in February with the sold-out premiere of the latest entry in its award-winning series “We Drank Our Tears, The Stories of Visitacion, Henry and Dave” at American Memorial Park. Those movies were followed by April’s sold-out performances of the club’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic comedy, “As You Like It.” “Zero2Hero,” a decade-long sequel in the making, continues the celebration when it premieres next week. Later this year, the club will continue the celebration with another feature film, “Isla”, and the classic musical, “The Sound of Music”.

“Zero2Hero” was made possible by the generous support of Frances Sablan Arriola, Great Harvest Bread Co., KKMP, Northern Marianas College, Northern Marianas Sports Association, Saipan Iceland Amusement Arcade, San Vicente Elementary School and Triple J Enterprises.

Funding for this production is provided by the CNMI CARES Relief Fund for Organizations and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security or CARES Act of 2020. For more information, visit www.mountcarmelsaipan .com