Maverick Saber announces 3Olympia Theater show for December

Tickets from €21 including booking fees go on sale Friday July 1 at 10 a.m.

Singer-songwriter and producer Maverick Saber has announced a flagship show in Dublin to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his acclaimed debut album, Only are the brave.

Born in England and raised in New Ross in Wexford, Saber (Michael Stafford) is delighted to announce that he will be headlining Dublin’s 3Olympia Theater for the very first time on December 4, 2022.

This announcement follows the release of Maverick’s fourth LP Don’t forget to look up in January, the album featured appearances by Nile Rogers, Sasha Keable and Demae with The Arts Desk.

The independent output Don’t forget to look up is “a deliberately introspective record, evoking lockdown-induced feelings of isolation and claustrophobic relationships, and Stafford’s earnest, raw style suits that”.

From the jaw-dropping opener “Falling” to collaborations with London artists Demae and Sacha Keable — not to mention several stripped-down gospel tracks — the self-produced album hit the wrong foot. An artist who only speaks when he has something worth saying, Saber explores humble infatuation (“Can’t Be Wrong”) in various ways; sexual connection (“something special”); and spiritual growth ‘(good man’).

Only are the brave reached number three on the Irish charts in 2012 and was certified Gold after three weeks.

“I wanted to mark the 10th anniversary of my debut album with a special tour,” Maverick said of the announcement. “LATB took me around the world and launched many moments in my career, it’s also a journal entry for how I felt at that time in my life about my own experiences and what I saw in the world around me.

“There’s a sadness that many of the topics I wrote about haven’t changed much in those 10 years, but it’s beautiful to reflect on where I was internally there. all these years until now, so with this tour I want to give enough energy to both sides of it,” added the musician. “For all the old school fans, I wanted it to be just a reminder of something they hold dear and for the new fans who aren’t as familiar with the first album, I wanted to bring them back to a record that still feels like it has as much relevance now as it did when it first came out.

“This will be my first tour to do an entire album in its entirety and I’m thrilled to reconnect with it and bring it back to life.”

To listen Only are the brave below.

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