Mary Gauthier will celebrate a new album with Franklin Theater Show [EXCLUSIVE] –

Mary Gauthier heads for the Franklin Theater. The music legend will celebrate the release of his latest album, Dark enough to see the starswith an intimate show on Wednesday 7 September. Being able to perform the songs from his deeply personal new album, in one of his favorite venues, is a moment of closure for Gauthier.

“Franklin Theater is one of my favorite places to play,” says Gauthier All Nash. “The acoustics are fantastic, the venue is beautiful, and the proximity to Nashville is a huge plus. It’s our CD release show, a full band will be with me on stage, and we’re all excited to be playing again in this room.

The ten-track disc is a juxtaposition of emotions Gauthier has experienced in recent years: falling in love (with current partner Jaimee Harris), as well as mourning the loss of people near and dear to her, including John Prine, Nanci Griffith and David Olney.

“How do you write about the wonder and glory of falling in love, while simultaneously losing dear friends and mentors during a global pandemic?” Gauthier reflects. “How do you write about the shock of sudden loss and the richness of new love, knowing that grief and love are brothers, intertwined and inseparable? My new record was born from these questions; a collection of songs that reflect a complex emotional journey. Many songs were written with longtime co-writers and dear friends during the pandemic years. »

Gauthier has created a musical legacy by masterfully sharing her emotions in her music, which she once again weaves through Dark enough to see the stars.

“Love and grief are the dominant themes, joy and sorrow, the dominant emotions,” Gauthier shares. “A joyful and sad record, moreover, a record about what it means to love. These songs were written knowing that the time they were in was a tough time for everyone, not just me.

Harris is co-author of some tracks of Dark enough to see the stars, and also plays guitar and sings on the project. Gauthier only used a handful of other writers, including Ben Glover, Beth Nielsen Chapman, among a few others, to create the songs for Dark enough to see the stars. It was an intentional decision on Gauthier’s part to limit the influence on the songs that would make up the album.

“I’m very comfortable writing with a lot of people, but the songs on this record were all written with people around me,” the singer explains. “I think it brings out the intimacy and the vulnerability in the stories. Beth, Ben and Jaimee know me very well, and I know them. I think those long-term friendships really helped those songs.

Tickets for the Théâtre Franklin de Gauthier show are available here. To find Dark enough to see the starsand all of Gauthier’s music, as well as his upcoming shows, by visiting him website.