Manhattan Theater Club Announces 2021 MTC VIRTUAL STAGE Lineup Featuring Patricia Clarkson, Gabrielle Carrubba and More

The Manhattan Theater Club has announced MTC’s next round of virtual theater offerings that will celebrate both old and new work. As physical stages remain dark across America, the Manhattan Theater Club invites audiences to come together virtually as a community and find connection, inspiration and entertainment through a series of virtual theater experiences. in the comfort of their homes.

Up-to-date information on all MTC Virtual Stage initiatives is always available at Other dates and artists participating in the following events will be announced soon.

MTC Snapshot Series

Starting in February, MTC will premiere original monthly snapshots, each approximately ten minutes in length and created exclusively for digital format, inspired by our current moment in theater and around the world. The premiere dates for each Snapshot performance will be announced soon.


A healing and transformation spell

Written byAlexis Scheer

Directed by Alexis Scheer & Gabrielle Carrubba

Videographer: Gabrielle Carrubba


Gabrielle Carruba

Octavia Chavez-Richmond

Shirley Chen

Ari Groover

Samantha Williams

Premiere from February 1 to February 6

RITUAL is a digital manifestation of magic and intention: starting February 1, experience a five-day journey and guide yourself to create your own personal healing and transformational spell that culminates in a collective gathering and streaming of energy at precisely 2:06 p.m. on 06/2.


A personality test/performance piece

Written and performed by Liza Birkenmeier

Directed by Trish Harnetiaux

Liza Birkenmeier, playwright without personality, gives you a personality assessment.

With the help of a surprise guest star and an experimental poll, maybe she’ll guide you to a better understanding of your unique self.

A glimpse behind the curtain

Designed and created by Camille A. Brown

Featuring Juel D. Lane with original music by Daryl Waters

A rare and intimate look into the mind and creative process of this superstar director and choreographer as she prepares for her revamped production of the landmark musical Ain’t Misbehavin’ (an upcoming co-production between the Barrington Stage Company and the Westport Country Playhouse).


An original treat for pop culture nerds everywhere

Written by Qui Nguyen

Directed by Robert Ross Parker

Vampire Cowboys, New York’s favorite “geek theater” troupe, takes you on an intimate and personal adventure through the life of famed Julie D’Aubigny: the queer adventurer and 17th-century opera singer from their show hit, Revenge Song.

MTC Curtain Call Series

Also starting in February, MTC is celebrating shows from its heralded past with a selection of beloved productions brought to life and on your computer screen. The first dates for this monthly series of readings will be announced shortly.


Written by Richard Wesley

Directed by Oz Scott

Originally produced in the 1974-75 MTC season

An exciting new cast will explore this early work by acclaimed Richard Wesley, which premiered at the MTC in 1975.

The scene is a pool hall, where a man in his forties spins a solitary game until a student he has never met challenges him to play. As their game progresses, it becomes clear that the men recognize each other and have a deep connection. As the truth emerges, so does the fact that the past must remain.


Written by Richard Greenberg

Directed by Evan Yionoulis


Patricia Clarkson

John Slatery

Bradley Whitford

Originally produced in the 1997-1998 MTC season

The incredible original stars (Patricia Clarkson, John Slattery and Bradley Whitford) will reunite for a new look at Richard Greenberg’s sophisticated and romantic Pulitzer Prize-nominated play.

Set in New York, Three Days of Rain finds siblings Nan and Walker reconnecting with childhood friend Pip when they return home to settle their father’s estate. The discovery of a diary takes us back in time to their parents’ lives in the 1960s and the truth of the legacy that connects the generations.


Written and performed by Charlayne Woodard

Originally produced at MTC in 1997

Charlayne Woodard returns to MTC to create her magical, compelling and inspiring portrayal of a young woman’s coming of age, and her realization that some of life’s most difficult times can also be its most fulfilling.

As this gorgeous storyteller recounts her own real-life memories of her disabled aunt, Neat, we find ourselves on an excursion from entrenched prejudice in the South to racial violence in the North, with detours to fashion, hairstyles and pop music. for teenagers, family relations, friendship and religion.


Written by Nilo Cruz

Directed by Michael Greif

Originally produced in the 2005-2006 MTC season

Pulitzer Prize-winning Nilo Cruz’ passionate and lyrical love triangle explores the conflict between love and sacrifice. Set in Andalusia, Spain, where the restless ghost of Federico Garcia Lorca still roams the streets, The Beauty of the Father is the story of a young American girl who travels abroad to meet her estranged father and risks their reconciliation. when she falls in love. with his companion.

Student Monologue Challenge: Wave 3

MTC Education is pursuing the Student Monologue Challenge as a way to provide high school students with a platform to express what was on their minds and in their hearts while theaters are closed and schools are away.

MTC received over 350 entries in response to the first write prompt – “There’s something I need to tell you” – and is thrilled to have started accepting a second round of submissions for a new invite -” You have no idea…” Select monologue responses to the new prompt will air on Wednesdays starting February 10.

Visit for more information and details on how to enter.

Show must go on

Once a month, MTC will continue to revisit some of its biggest hits and rare gems, with production footage alongside new stories and commentary from original cast members and creative team. On January 21, look back at MTC’s 2016 production of Prodigal Son, with new shows to follow each month.

As a charity, MTC relies on generous donors to provide essential support for its work, including artistic development, educational initiatives and virtual programming. Even though its halls are dark, MTC always nurtures bold voices as they create new work for the American stage. Please donate by visiting