Kutcha Edwards presents a theater performance at Mooroopna

Songs and Stories: Kutcha Edwards presents his show at Riverlinks Westside.

Kutcha Edwards brings truth to Mooroopna through his new musical theater creation, Circling Time – Songs and Stories.

The show reflects Kutcha’s personal journey and draws inspiration from his recent album circle time where the Mutti Mutti man explores Australia’s past and his own path to healing.

“By telling my story, I believe I’m telling my family’s story,” Kutcha said.

“In the structure of the family, there are members whose role is to protect the country.

“For others, it’s to protect memories, like photos.

“I believe I have been given the responsibility of protecting my family’s Songline.”

The show is presented by Regional Arts Victoria, Creative Victoria and the Australian Government’s RISE Fund.

Circling Time – Songs and Stories is a celebration of the music of Kutcha, as well as a reminder of the trauma that continues to resonate in the lives of First Nations people today.

“Justice, legacy, forgiveness – all are words that resonate deeply with me,” Kutcha said.

“It’s my role to give meaning to the songs so that they can continue to connect my family and all my clans to Country.

“This album is filled with spirit – it is that spirit that I need to share and pass on so that we can begin to heal and understand what our ancestors have passed on to us…the true meaning of circle time.”

The show takes place at Riverlinks Westside on Thursday, June 16.

“Kutcha’s gift of sharing her songs and stories both heals and connects people,” said Ken Cameron, Sites Director of Riverlinks.

“Bring an open heart and help the healing that will build a future with more love, justice, freedom and peace.”

Tickets are available in person, online at www.riverlinksvenues.com.au or by calling the Riverlinks ticket office on 03 5832 9511.