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Joe Nichols’ theater show has been canceled

CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) — Joe Nichols’ show at the Calumet Theater has been canceled.

A press release from theater officials said the Joe Nichols show was canceled, in quotes, due to circumstances beyond their control.

“We really want to get to Calumet,” said the Nichols Tour. “We’ll play the pipe as soon as we can get there, but at the moment we’re just not in a position to get there on November 5. We’re really sorry to have to cancel that date.”

New Calumet Theater Company President Dan Jamison says he wants to reassure Calumet Theater members and patrons that they are not only working to refund tickets purchased, but will go the extra mile to compensate for theater customers.

TV6 received footage suggesting the structure of the theater could be a contributing factor to the cancellation.

Quoted in several images, tarps direct water leaking throughout the theater into a trash can.

Jamison says the Calumet Theater will present a concert with the opening act of Chad Borgen and the Collective, as scheduled on November 5.

Original: The Joe Nichols show at the Calumet Theater is currently scheduled for November 5.

It was postponed last year and rescheduled for next month.

However, TV6 received a document addressed to the theater by Nichols’ talent agent.

He said the theater and Nichols “agreed to cancel” the Nov. 5 deal.

Additionally, TV6 received footage suggesting that the structure of the theater could be a contributing factor in the decision.

Quoted in several photos, tarps direct water leaking throughout the building to a trash can.

TV6 asked the theater board for comment and was told the concerns about the concert and the flooding were confidential and had no comment.

Currently, the theater’s and Nichols’ websites are advertising the event and still selling tickets.

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