I can’t get a refund after my theater show was canceled due to Covid | consumer affairs

Last year I used the Encore Tickets website to purchase four tickets to see The Shark is Broken at the Ambassadors Theater in London. The performance was supposed to take place in May 2020 but itwith everything else, has been cancelled. I emailed both the Ambassadors theater and more Tickets and I get the same message: Don’t worry, we’ll contact you when we have information about the show you have tickets for.

The thing is the ambassadors is now advertising this play and selling tickets for it and I haven’t heard anything. I can’t talk to a real person; all i get is an email telling me that they are working on thousands of similar emails and will be in touch soon. I spent £221 on the tickets and it looks like they’ve abandoned me – what’s going on?

A Mby email

Online reviews suggest Encore Tickets is another company that has been unable to cope with refunding large numbers of people who have canceled bookings. There seem to be plenty of other people in the same boat as you, in some cases posting very unflattering stories. This is another very difficult company to contact.

The Ambassadors Theater said the booking had nothing to do with it and I should speak with Today Tix Group who run Encore. After a lot of back and forth – during which even I started to lose the will to live – I was finally able to find someone in the business who sorted it out and sent you £221 worth of vouchers. The company said its records show it extended you credit last May, although it’s unclear what happened.

Fortunately, you can finally book the tickets again – I just hope the show is worth it.

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