From Thursday 12 January 2023 to Sunday 15 January 2023

Hey Duggee Live Theater Show is going to be HUGE featuring Duggee, the squirrels and many more of your favorite characters! Betty wants to make costumes, Happy wants to sing, Tag wants to make music, Norrie wants to dance, Roly wants jelly, and they all want you to join them at the Clubhouse. There’s so much to do, but luckily Duggee has his theater badge. Will you have it too? A-Wow! Join Duggee and the squirrels in this vibrant new interactive production brimming with music, puppets and laughs along the way. It’s time for a Duggee hug!

Opening hours / Details:

Various times, see individual dates for details

Location details

St. George’s Hall

Bridge Street




Full information on where to park can be obtained from the ticketing staff when booking your tickets.

Designated parking spaces are available for disabled guests at the Alhambra on Morley Street and on Randall Well Street opposite the Love Apple Cafe Bar. Please access Morley Street spaces via Great Horton Road on the side of the Alhambra.

There is a drop-off and pick-up point in the parking area outside St George’s Hall for wheelchair users.

For more information, please request a copy of our Access to Bradford Theaters brochure when booking your tickets.

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