GOLDEN SHIELD opens at the Manhattan Theater Club

The Manhattan Theater Club’s US premiere of Golden Shield, written by Anchuli Felicia King (White Pearl) and directed by May Adrales (Vietgon at MTC), is currently taking place at New York City Center – Stage I (131 West 55th Street) .

The Golden Shield ensemble cast includes Cindy Cheung, Fang Du, Kristen Hung, Daniel Jenkins, Michael C. Liu, Max Gordon Moore, Ruibo Qian, and Gillian Saker.

From international playwright Anchuli Felicia King comes a new play about loyalties, intrigue and the delicate art of translation. When enterprising American lawyer Julie Chen files a class action lawsuit involving a multinational tech company and the Chinese government, she hires her strong-minded sister Eva as a translator. But what compromises will they make to win? And can they put aside their past differences to speak the same language? Directing this fast-paced production is May Adrales (Vietgon).

The show’s creative team includes Dots (stage design), Sara Ryung Clement (costume design), Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew (lighting design), Charles Coes and Nathan A. Roberts (original music and sound design) , Tom Watson (hair and wig design), Ka-Ling Cheung (voice coach) and Alyssa K. Howard (production manager).

See what the critics are saying…

Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times: A wealth of possibility lies in the difference between these two words, but “Golden Shield” is more about histrionics than how approximations can approximate the truth, or at least a truth.

David Cote, The Observer: We live in a time when there are so many good to great series streaming and playwrights writing for them, it seems rude to wish for new drama in any other medium. And yet, Anchuli Felicia King’s schematic and overloaded set of ideas could provide a writers room with enough material (computer ethics, translation fog, international law and toxic siblings) for eight episodes on Hulu. Whether it gets a second season is another question.

Robert Hofler, The Wrap: These personal dramas prove a distraction that becomes glaring towards the end of the play. Once the court case has been resolved and “Golden Shield” comes to its natural conclusion, King provides at least another half dozen endings to tie up all the sibling and lesbian details.

Frank Scheck, New York Stage Review: It’s rude to complain about an overly ambitious playwright. But Anchuli Felicia King isn’t easily resisting the temptation with her new play, which is getting its US premiere courtesy of the Manhattan Theater Club. This convoluted effort intertwining corporate intrigue, legal machinations and family drama becomes even more weighed down by its explorations of the vagaries of the art of translation. Throughout the play, a character on stage known only as “The Translator” (Fang Du) tries to translate what the characters say to each other and also what they don’t say to each other. If only he could have made what is really going on more coherent.

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