Feed your spirit with this marathon 12-hour theater performance in KongsiKL

When was the last time you stayed awake from dusk to dawn?

In a 12-hour performance this weekend, Malaysian directors Arief Hamizan, Bryan Chang and Tung Jit Yang will attempt to piece together the “endless thoughts” people experience.

This play, titled EveryThoughtI’veEverHad: Contemplating the Origin of the Sun, will be presented at KongsiKL Arts Warehouse on April 16, starting at 7:18 p.m. It will also be streamed live via Twitch.

“The piece is an exploration of the fact that we seem to have an endless mind. An endless train of thoughts. Like it never stops. While you sleep and every moment you wake up, your mind has thoughts We try to manage this simple yet profound fact in performance,” says Tung, Director-in-Residence at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPac).

Audiences are welcome to come and go as they please during the 12-hour show or stay for the duration. If you are fasting, bring food for buka puasa with your friends, or for sahur before the sun rises watching the theatrical performance.

“I feel a sense of intimidation as we approach the performance, of not really knowing what awaits us or the audience. We set off to capture a glimpse of our own infinite streams of consciousness, this endless cavalcade of thoughts, emotions and experiences.

“We don’t know what we’ll find. But I think it creates space for wonder and revelation, and I hope it becomes a shared experience for all who participate,” offers Panas co-founder Arief. Panas Theatre.

All I ever had is part of the Japan Foundation, the association of Kuala Lumpur Kaleidoscope Japan: online exhibition.

This month-long exhibition (ending April 24) is a hybrid presentation, exploring the Malaysian-Japan relationship through visual art, moving images, performance, music and literature.

It features the work of 13 Malaysian artists who reflect on their observations and hopes around Japan and its relationship with Malaysia, from a social and cultural perspective, as well as the political and economic climate.

All I ever hadin particular, looks at questions such as what is a stream of consciousness and how do we process and navigate this seemingly endless stream of thought that exists within us.

The research paper “Description of Inner Experience? Promoter Meets Skeptic” by American psychologist Dr. Russell T. Hurlburt, published in 2007, served as a starting point for the group.

In this experiment, a young woman was fitted with a beeper that prompted her to randomly record everything that happened in her experiment several times a day for the duration of the experiment.

After a nearly month-long improvisational journey of Dr. Hurlburt’s inner experience experiment, Arief, Chang, and Tung produced the 12-hour show based on their findings.

Theater makers will also examine their own personal relationships with Japan, focusing on the intersections of memory and politics in the country.

More information here.