Every London theater show is still running on the night of the Queen’s funeral

As you probably know very well by now, a lot of things close on Monday 19 for the Queen’s funeral.

However, there is no legal obligation to do so for many institutions, including theaters.

Most theaters in London will be actually being shut down thanks to a heady cocktail of the general tide of respect for our late monarch and the fact that doing anything and going anywhere in central London on Monday is going to be a nightmare. (Also as a corny sidenote, there’s a growing trend for theaters to stay open on Mondays and closed on Sundays).

However, a small collection of London theaters – mostly located away from the funeral action – will have performances on Monday evenings, long after the funeral, and why not?

If you’re interested in catching a show on Monday night, we think this is the full list (a few other theaters are open with other entertainment but don’t have a play).

Almeida Theater‘The clinic’ (note that this is a “black out” performance intended for black audiences – see the Almeida FAQs for more information).

bush theater‘The P-word’ and ‘Clutch’.

Hampstead Theater“The Snail House”.

Riverfront Studios“Horse Game”.

Seven Dials Performance Hall – ‘To help! We are still alive‘.

Southwark Theater‘The prince’ (but his other show ‘Doctor Faustus’ is cancelled).

court theater“The Cherry Orchard”.

Enjoy a respectful theater session!

When is the Queen’s funeral and how can I attend?

Everything is canceled in London now that the Queen is dead.