Egypt’s first silent theater show “Halawes” to premiere in Al-Hanager

File: Part of the rehearsal of the play.

CAIRO – August 29, 2021: By realizing his 12-year dream, director Mohmed Abdalla intends to send a message of hope to all mime theater artists in Egypt, urging them to continue their efforts.

“Halawes” (Hallucinations), a silent adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”, by Egyptian director Mohamed Abdalla, will premiere at the Al-Hanager Theater on August 27, after years of planning and long months of planning. repetitions.

“It was like a dream that came to me 12 years ago. It was not an easy journey. I am delighted that it finally came to fruition after eight months of rehearsals,” the director said, adding that his dialogue-free version of the classic play focuses on the human relationships and emotions of friendship, love, jealousy and hate “that might exist within a circle of conflict.”

The cast includes Omar Ezz, Abdallah Sultan, Abdulrahman Al-Qadi, Nesma Adel, Moatassem Shaaban, Jeorj Fawzi, Mustafa Hazeen, Reem Essam and Amira Ibrahim. The cast was formed by Abdullah with the help of Mostafa Hozayen and Ahmed (Oscar) Najdi.

“We focus on the most expressive body language. Some of the actors had never done mime theater before. We merge different aspects of acting schools to present a rich theatrical experience,” added Abdalla.

Among the team are assistant director Marwa Hassan, executive director Ahmed Reda with set design by Amr Abdullah and lighting designed by Abu Bakr Al-Sharif. Amira Saber is the show’s stylist while Mohamed ‘Bkkar’ Fawzy designed the masks and makeup.

Mixed by Youssra Tawfik, the music for the show is selected and prepared by Abdalla and will be under the responsibility of sound director Omar ‘Chicoo’ Shoqier.

“I faced many obstacles along the way and was able to overcome them. I hope I can convey my message to all mime theater artists in Egypt, telling them to continue the journey without despair,” the director concluded.

“Halawes” will be performed at Al-Hanager Theater daily at 8 p.m. for 15 nights starting Friday.