Children and care homes will put on a theater performance

A THEATER has received over £3,000 for a project which will see primary school pupils working with care home residents to put on a show.

The Chipping Norton Theater has won the £3,190 grant from the West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC), with the project due to take place next year.

Students will be paired with local nursing home residents to share stories, which will be turned into a performance involving the children.

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Jane Doughty, Client Delivery Cabinet Member at WODC, said: “It’s a great idea and shows the power of art in bringing people together who are worlds apart.”

“I look forward to this delicious production which should take place in the spring of next year.

“Our stories are so important to tell and share. I hope residents will come out to support this creativity when it’s ready.

William Arnold, Community Producer at Chipping Norton Theatre, added: “We are delighted to embark on this new intergenerational project and to continue our work with the pupils and residents of Chipping Norton care homes.

“With Memory Lanes, our recent outdoor exhibit, we witnessed the power of reminiscence to unite communities.

“We are very excited to translate this into a theatrical context, working alongside our community partners to inspire creativity, foster empathy and deepen community cohesion.”