Book tickets for the online interactive theater show “Our House: Originate 2021”

Do you dream of the end of confinement? A new digital show from the Q Theater in Penrith imagines just that. Our house: origin 2021 was imagined by eight emerging theater makers working in collaboration. In the near future, jubilant roommates are about to throw a huge birthday party and everyone is invited. But will the real guest of honor show up?

Thanks to the security of the screen you have chosen, you will be able to walk around the house listening to snippets of conversation, catching juicy information and even questioning the roommates while trying to understand what is behind the no. -presentation. It looks a bit like Cluedo, except minus the corpses. Probably.

Celebrating the art of coming together and restarting after many moons apart, the show is led by award winner Sophie Kelly (Just Romeo and Juliet!, Bell Shakespeare). “Ultimately, this show is an experiment in storytelling, form, storytelling, and digital technology,” says Kelly. “It’s an intricate and detailed relationship-building experience when your storytellers/creators have never met in real life. It’s an attempt to connect with the warmth of a home and the intimacy that s find there.

The writers are Leighton Chen, Rhayne Fountain, Claire Holland, Ingrid Leighton, Haz Lugsdin, Anjelica Murdaca, Lyrah Tzanis and Olivia Xegas, with digital artist Adisti Anindita Regar creating the look for the show. Streamed live for three nights from September 23-25 ​​at 7:30 p.m., you can grab your totally free tickets here. Now it’s definitely worth throwing a (socially distanced) party.

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