Blyth theater show The Addams Family raises £3,000 for Ukrainian Red Cross appeal

Cast members of The Addams Family have helped raise thousands of books for Ukraine.

The Blyth Music and Theater Company’s amateur drama company ran the family comedy at the Phoenix Theatre.

Actor John Paul Hofileña, 29, who played Uncle Fester decided to shave his hair for the show and asked for donations to go to the British Red Cross DEC Ukraine humanitarian appeal via a Right page where he has raised £355 so far.

He had to wear a bald cap for the role, but he decided to go further for a good cause.

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The idea of ​​donating money for Ukraine came as a suggestion from the cast and he decided to = just shave his hair.

John said: “I was already thinking about it maybe two weeks before production week because I only had problem after problem with the bald cap (although I figured I wouldn’t shave my hair when I get the part, no matter what).”

Uncle Fester’s character is bald and John didn’t want to go on stage without looking the part, but he felt he wouldn’t be confident to perform with his new look. Soon after, he knew he had better reasons to shave his hair.

He said: “I was really surprised when I saw myself in the mirror. Even more surprised when the cast told me I matched the look!

“It’s the second time I’ve been bald in my life. The first time was when I was a child, I don’t remember what I looked like. I only remember that we laughed at me when I went to class without hair.

John Paul Hofileña before and after his head shave

“I actually like the look. It’s different but in a good way. I’m still getting used to not using shampoo or conditioner, but my muscle memory is still there.

John was inspired to raise funds for Ukraine after watching his mother send boxes of supplies to the Philippines for her family. He always wanted to do something similar.

He added, “Judging by the current events happening in the world right now, we (Blyth Music & Theater Company) have decided to help the people of Ukraine.

John Paul Hofileña Acting Uncle Fester
John Paul Hofileña as Uncle Fester

“We know that it will take a lot of time, effort and money to improve the situation of Ukrainians a little despite the irreversible devastation.”

Graeme Sutherland, Director of Media and Communications, said: “Over the past two weeks we have witnessed the spectacle of devastation and human misery unfolding in Ukraine. The houses were reduced to rubble. Families fleeing for their safety an army determined to destroy their country and their way of life.

“Charities such as the Red Cross are working with refugees from Ukraine to provide relief and comfort, but urgently need funds to provide basic necessities – clothing, blankets, shelter, food, clean water and medical care. medical.

“Every donation, no matter how small, adds up. And at the end of the week, whatever’s donated will be matched pound for pound by the Blyth Music and Theater Company and will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross appeal.

Across five performances, a grand total of £3,524 was donated to charity.

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