Bembridge Little Theater Club’s next production is ‘Nunsense – The Mega-Musical’ – a nun story with quite a difference!

Having been forced to give up their missionary work in the south of France, the Little Sisters of Hoboken now run Mount St Helen’s School. Unfortunately, their cook recently served spoiled vichyssoise soup for lunch, which resulted in the death of 52 members of the order from botulism. Luckily not everyone had soup for lunch, so 14 nuns were spared.

The remaining sisters set about collecting money for the burial of the poor unfortunates, and thinking that they had raised enough, the Mother Superior bought a DVD player for the convent. This resulted in a shortfall, meaning only 48 people could be buried. She decided to hold a “talent show” to raise the extra money needed and in the meantime the last 4 sisters were kept on ice (in the convent freezer). Then, an unannounced inspection by the local health department was imposed on them!

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So all to the bridges! There is a range of songs for all tastes and wonderful dance routines. Humorous and pathetic. Something for everyone. Every nun has a back story. For example, the Reverend Mother (played by Libby Pike) grew up in the circus. She swore to be a nun to save her parents who were in danger of drowning in the Thames while walking a tightrope.

Directed by Andrew Jenner who always pays close attention to detail. Steve Burton is the Musical Director, supported by a 3 piece band and choreography by Ruth Anderson, this production promises to be an exciting and fun event for audiences.

Book your tickets now for Nunsense at Bembridge Village Hall from November 11-14.

Tickets £10. Call 07841 950261 to book.

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