Atlanta Theater Club Soars With Captivating Solo Show “Grounded”

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Moors wisely gives us a very individualized driver; her strengths, her independence, her weaknesses, her love for her husband and her daughter have here a great specificity and individuality. The pilot is admirably ambitious, remorseless, independent, enthusiastic, and idiosyncratic, so the final crack feels believable and likable. And finally, the story takes a turn for the better in its development as a tale about surveillance. Unlike on the air where she is “alone in the vastness”, on the ground, the pilot is both observant and observed, with an anonymous power of life or death over others that she is shocked and horrified to discover. that others have on it.


Contributed by Casey Gardner

Contributed by Casey Gardner
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Contributed by Casey Gardner

The play was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it had its world premiere, and actress Anne Hathaway starred as the pilot on an elaborate and complicated set when the play had its US premiere at the New York Public Theater . Designer Elizabeth Jarrett keeps things stark and simple: the use of a simple parachute bottom, which can rise or fall, is surprisingly inventive and effective, and Jennifer Silver’s video projection of a life-size pilot captures the meaning of a technologically objectified individual’s room, both as controller and subject.

Directed by Rebeca Robles, “Grounded” never offers easy answers about drone technology or the nature of warfare, but the little one-man show nonetheless packs a mighty punch and feels uncomfortably believable in the way it confronts the implications of a new form of warfare.

Conclusion: A strong and minimalist production of a captivating one-woman show.

Atlanta Theater Club presents “Grounded”

$22. Until August 17. at 8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. 7 steps. 1105 Euclid Ave. (in Little Five Points). Atlanta. 404-523-7647,