ASU denies whites barred from theater show, but receipts show otherwise

I also tried to say that only the students were responsible

Arizona State University denies that an event reported Tuesday by college correction excluded white students from performing there.

The Fix reported Tuesday on an event called “The Color Cabaret” which “serves as a fundraiser for the BIPOC scholarship fund.”

“This all-student-run cabaret is an opportunity for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students in the School of Music, Dance, and Theater to create performances that speak to their own experience,” the description of the Music Theater and Opera Student Organization said.

“The Color Cabaret began as a chance for our BIPOC students from the School of Music, Dance and Theater to show their passions unabashedly, without having to ask permission,” said the program declared.

ASU denies that fundraising for BIPOC students and by BIPOC students is discriminatory.

After initially ignoring a request for comment, ASU’s media relations team sent an unsigned article after it was published.

The email said:

The Music Theater and Opera Student Organization (MTOSO) is one of hundreds of student organizations registered at ASU. Like all other registered student organizations, MTOSO is responsible for planning and organizing its meetings and programming. And like all other registered student organizations, MTSO is committed to operating in a non-discriminatory manner. In keeping with this commitment, the MTSO Color Cabaret was open to all undergraduate, graduate, and vocal performance students in Musical Theater and Opera.

The university is apparently trying to hold students accountable for any perceived discrimination. But the event is included in the drama department’s spring performance season, an ASU professor and other staff members supported the event, and the public college hosted the musical.

college correction asked ASU if they could share ads stating that the event is open to students of all races. The fix also asked if ASU’s position was that no white students had applied for the theatrical performance.

“[T]he project was primarily created, designed and carried out by people of color – but everyone was allowed to participate. No one has been banned from participating,” another unsigned email said.

University press release claims show excludes white people

A Third ASU Email Accused The fix to jump[ing] to certain erroneous conclusions and assumptions of the State Press item.”

But there is ample evidence that the event is billed as an event for racial minority students only.

The university’s own media team promoted the event in a way that showcased its exclusive nature.

“[T]e Color Cabaret, is centered on showcasing the work of students, composers, and writers of color, as well as creating roles for or reimagined with artists of color,” a June 2021 press release declared.

“The Color Cabaret creative team was formed through personal connections, friends and colleagues from across ASU – a community of color creators in all areas of musical theater and opera,” says the Press release.

Additionally, it ends with a quote from a female student who said she hoped it would always remain reserved for racial minority students. “My hope for the cabaret in the future is to always be a space kept safe and reserved for all BIPOC students in the musical theater program,” co-director Reem Soliman reportedly said.

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