Anna Wintour is unimpressed as a staff member asks for ID during a theater performance in New York

If Anna Wintour has ever tried to convince the public that she has nothing to do with the icy editor of The Devil Wears Prada, she did a little badly this week.

Because a new clip of his apparent annoyance at being asked for ID has emerged, much to the internet’s amusement.

In a word

The Vogue editor attended the opening night of brand new off-Broadway show Oh God, A Show About Abortion, starring writer and comedian Alison Leiby.

The solo show comes at a very opportune time in the United States, when women risk losing their constitutionally protected reproductive rights if the precedent set by the Roe v Wade case is overturned.

Wintour was there with her daughter Bee Shaffer to support the show, which is produced by Broad City star Ilana Glazer, who previously hosted Vogue’s live broadcast of the Met Gala.

What happened?

Well, the all-new production couldn’t have hoped for better publicity than the potential death stare (it’s hard to tell from under the blinds) that Wintour gave the blue-haired workman who apparently got the audacity to ask him for his identity card.

According page 6who obtained the footage, Wintour had already presented her vaccination card and looked flabbergasted when she was then asked for photo ID to back it up.

After looking particularly displeased and shrugging her shoulders impatiently, she was then greeted by someone who worked in press for the show.

The internet couldn’t get enough of the images of a shocked Wintour with her mouth hanging open as the photographer’s light bulbs flashed around her.

With her blunt bob and oversized glasses, the iconic fashion editor certainly has a recognizable form in New York and around the world.

But fame aside, why should it be a rule for some and not for others? Theater worker, we salute you.