Alnwick Theater Club will stage its first play since the start of the Covid pandemic

The comedy, which can be seen at Alnwick Playhouse, was due to be staged in August 2020 but was canceled due to Covid restrictions.

Auditions for the play began in March 2020, with production beginning in May.

Cast members Mark Stenton (Professor Marcus) and Sheila Graham (Mrs Wilberforce) have joined the Alnwick Stage Musical Society (ASMS) summer drama club alongside two fellow ASMS actors – Stuart Archer (Major Courtney) and Matthew Winter (One Round), who also join Nick Biggers and Matt Bush from the Theater Club.

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The cast of The Ladykillers.

For Adam Bell (Constable Macdonald), this will be his first time at the Playhouse.

The plot sees criminals, led by Professor Marcus, renting a room in Mrs Wilberforce’s London home near King’s Cross directly above the tunnels leading to the station, which they use to plan and carry out a covert heist to be a group of professionals. musicians who are fans of the 18th century Italian composer Luigi Boccherini.

Unaware of their plans, Mrs. Wilberforce is charmed by the music played by the band of musicians until the heist.

Club chairman Peter Biggers said: “I am indebted to Glenda Fricke who is once again co-managing with me.

“Her attention to detail brought Ms. Wilberforce’s contact with the London gangs of the 1950s to life.”

The play will run from Tuesday July 27 to Friday July 30.

Standard adult tickets are £15, child/student tickets are £10.