A theater performance examining the Kardashians’ impact on modern life is coming to Manchester

Fresh off their Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut, So La Flaira self-taught creative collective of emerging artists based in Manchester, bring their brilliant ‘How to keep up with the Kardashians‘show at the city.

Aiming to disrupt current patriarchal norms of theatrical creation through collaborative work, the collective organizes alternative cabaret nights, leads community-engaged art workshops, and creates and produces theater performances.

Its main objective is to facilitate a space for the radical restructuring needed in the traditional arts industry to move towards equality and empowerment both on and off stage.

The show will take place on Friday September 23 at the John Thaw Studio Theater in Manchester inside the Martin Harris Center on Bridgeford Street.

The concept follows the Kardashians as they return with another $100 million deal, only this time no one is buying it. How To Keep Up With The Kardashians is a fearless examination of an individual’s relationship with themselves. while analyzing the impact of the Kardashians on young people and their bodies in a culture of abnormal aesthetic values.

Based on interviews with women and non-binary people aged 5-60, this is a dance party event about dancing to the beat of your own drum, reclaiming power by redefining beauty, and confronting the ugly truth of our obsession with perfection.

Directed by Lucy Laverty and Scarlett Spicer of So La Flair, the performance mixes verbatim, movement, monologue and sketches embodying the impossible reach of beauty standards and its entanglement in our daily existence.

The production stars Mayalae, Imogen Chillington, Eliza Lewis, Eleanor Haigh, Rosa Hallam Fryer, Millie Loveday Inglis and Montana Rose Aguelo, De Guero Barrera and is written by the company.

Expect an epic playlist (including Toddrick Hall, Lil Simz and Teyana Taylor), belly laughs, brave truths and high vibes. Tickets are now on sale for £7 per person, with lower prices available for job seekers, seniors, students and under 18s.


How to keep up with the Kardashians

When: Friday, September 23
Time: 7 p.m.
Venue: John Thaw Studio Theater
Price: £7