Every night, divine bar managers Juno and Venus welcome world-class artists to their stage, and around their performances the drama unfolds. The work is inspired by director Josephine Burton’s encounter with Iranian Kurdish refugee and now Finnish resident, composer Marouf Majidi and is written by Hattie Naylor. Art Reach, theRead More →

Renowned playwright and theater director Roysten Abel from Kerala will present his new production “Weaving Voices” in Bangalore on Friday. Using a blend of theatre, music, audiovisual and design, the show will depict the personal journeys of Indian musicians, veterans and future. The stellar cast includes singer Bombay Jayashri, UdayRead More →

An arts group from Burnley perform an outdoor visual music and theater piece called Opal’s Comet which takes people on a symbolic journey through the stages of grief. Mr Wilson’s, founded by Sonya “Boo” Moorhead and her partner Will Lenton, produced the show to help people reflect on their ownRead More →